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Is this safe to spray on clothes?

Yes, Epiphany is safe for fabric clothing. We are working on attaining relevant approvals to show you its success on hard surfaces like leather or plastic.

Can I return spray to Epiphany?

Please check our return policy in the footer of this site. We do accept returns within 30-days. The correct address will be your receipt email.

How long does each bottle last?

Each bottle contains 750-800 sprays depending on whether you pull the trigger fully each time. With our recommended 10-15 sprays per use, that would mean it lasts 60-70 uses.

Can I take it through TSA?

Epiphany is working on a 1-2 oz option for you. The 6oz regular bottle is not hand luggage size. It would need to be placed in a checked bag.

How to unlock the spray nozzle?

You would use the shark fin and point it outwards either way to ensure spraying is capable. If the shark fin is pointing forward, the sprayer is locked. With new bottles, it'll require 5-10 trigger pulls to fill the liquid tube before liquid comes out. The sprayer will arrive locked.