How to use the Epiphany Rejuvenator

Just simply direct the spray towards your towel from a regular distance away and make sure it covers the towel evenly on both sides.

How does the spray work?

Transparency is key

How is it made?

EPA Process

We are currently going through EPA endorsement process. We have conducted our own testing on the safety and efficacy of this product but are asked to not make claims on the spray until we fully go through this costly process.


Blue FD&C (color), Fresh Linen (scent), Ethanol SDA 40B 90-proof (tackle bacteria), Soft Water (reduce flammibility), Hydrosal BKC (tackle bacteria), Deoplex (odor remove), Methyl Salicylate (refresh fabric), AXENOHL (stablizer)


We choose to work with large suppliers like Greenfield Global & Pure Biosciences who have a greater supply capability and have a bigger body of work. Other suppliers include Berje, Carrubba, and Rainbow Specialty


We work with trusted manufacturer DeVere Chemical (WI), of whom have over 60-years industry experience and the average amount each employee has been there is 25 years.

How effective is the Rejuvenator?